Hamba Allah

who are you?who we are?
most of us will answer "Hamba Allah". Do we ever think the true meaning of "Hamba Allah"?. yes, it is true that Allah s.w.t created us and we're belong to Him, but try to look at a deeper and further the meaning of "Hamba Allah". Imagine if you want to be a police, what should you do?...probably...no such thing as "probably".....you MUST sign up for police academy and after you've completed all the training, then you can call yourself as a police...same goes to "Hamba Allah"....we've got to earn that holy title!.
Do and attempt all the task given by Allah s.w.t to us. when Allah s.w.t forbid somes, then dont do that somes and vice versa. If it is so simple, why most muslims failed to do so?. Basically, it depends on the rigidity of our iman.
If our iman strong, then insya'Allah we can follow whatever Allah s.w.t's commands.


photo credit: http://bissquitphotograph.deviantart.com/art/shalat-lah-sebelum-dishalatkan-103122124


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