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This post is a continuation from the last entry which is "The Words of Allah".

After we have realized and understood that our heart are far away from the attachment of the Al-Quran, it is now the time to come back to it. In this post, I will share some tips to find true pleasure in the Holy Quran. Before I continue, I want to clarify that these tips were not made up by my own selves, rather this knowledge was thought by Syeikh Yusuf Badat (founder and director of Mathabah Foundation) in one of the UofT's halaqa. Hopefully, by knowing from whom this knowledge was thought, it will trigger your hearts to follow his advices.

The tips are:

1) Empty/leave some space in our heart.
Purify the heart so that there is room for the heart to accept 'nur' from the recitation of Al-Quran. Purify it through repentance and understand that we are the slaves of Allah. Bear in mind that we are reading the words of Allah and as a slave of Allah, please HUMBLE yourself. If we have arrogance in our heart, our mind, how could we received any benefits from the Al-Quran.

2) Continue learning.
Do not just satisfy with one level. For example, after mastering the science of tajweed, go to the next step such as learn about how it was revealed (Asbabun Nuzul). Insya Allah, ourheart will always find the beauty and love towards the Al-Quran whenever we go to the next level. To anyone who does not know or have not completed the lessons of basic tajweed, this is the time to learn it. It is going to be a big test to recite properly at the beginning, but always remember this hadith in time of hardship:

'Aishah r.anha reported: The Messenger of Allah SAW said, "The one who is proficient in the recitation of the Qur'an will be with the honourable and obedient scribes (angels) and he who recites the Qur'an and finds it difficult to recite, doing his best to recite it in the best way possible,, will have a DOUBLE reward." [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

3) Understand the meaning of the Al-Quran in the languange that we are comfortable with.
Read ayat by ayat and its meaning. Then, cover to cover and its meaning. Then, the theme of the surah. Then, the theme of each juz ( The link is the explanation by Syeikh Abu Taubah juz by juz. Insya Allah, we will learn a lot and our heart will have a great attachment to the Al-Quran.

4) Live the message of the Al-Quran.
Once we are at stage 3, we can quickly or at least have the tendency to follow the message of the Quran. Not only that, we will, insya Allah, constantly being reminded by the teaching of Al-Quran without asking for it. This is due to the heart's attachment to the Al-Quran.

So, what are we waiting for? Still want to delay? Procrastinate? Allah has given us 10 years or 21 years or 35 years or 40 years or "seberapa banyak tahun dengan kehidupan" up to this moment, and still we have excuses for being busy? catching the worldly materials? How much we have wasted.

Do not let the remaining of our lives in catching the pleasure of this 'dunya' which is a false temptation and momentarily, but catch the ultimate pleasure where it can benefits us in this life and the hereafter by the remembrance of Allah through Al-Quran.

P/S: Sorry campur2 bahasa, tetibe macam da x taw camne nk susun ayat, and sorry for the kurang organize dalam explanation


  1. assalamualaikum,

    ana suka sangat tajuk post ini..

    and pasal campur bhs bukannya masalah besar pun. dah kebiasaaan org malaysia guna manglish dan sbb kadang2 lebih cepat untuk menulis secara begini dan Allah tu Memudahkan segalanya(Dia tahu sebagai pelajar mmg slalu kesuntukan masa). selagi coretan2 ini bg tujuan b'da'wah, iAllah, semuan akan mndpt berkatNya.

    jazakallah kongsi coretan dan moga terus thabat di jalan Allah ya akhi.

    WAllahua'lam bis sawab.

  2. Waalaikum salam w.b.t.

    Syukran kerana memberi pendapat. Insya Allah ana akan gune bahasa tulisan yang paling sesuai utk ana. Yang penting, isinya sampai dengan penuh kefahaman, Insya Allah


  3. subhanAllah.. speechless. xtau nak describe ana's feelings masa baca post ni dgn teliti. (haritu browse through cepat2 sbb busy teramat-.-) but now that ana read it word by word, A M A Z I N G and excellently written akhi. mabruk2.. ni hasil salinan masa mendengar tazkirah by the Syeikh is it? aduh, cemburunya ana dgn anta dpt peluang m'dgr ceramah dr Syeikh2 kat TO. moga anta sentiasa mempelajari ilmu dr mereka. (btw, ana heard mmg kat TO tu ramai Islamic scholars yg bagus2 and the Muslim Community there's fantastic)

    satu soalan: and ana quote "go to the next step such as learn about how it was revealed (Asbabun Nuzul)" --> apa ni?? asif if it's a silly question. my bad.

    shukran in advance for answering.



  4. Yeap, tapi ana ada tambah2 sket la.. Alhamdulillah, Toronto mmg ramai muslim, so ramai jugak la syeikh2 yg ade kat sini.. Alhamdulillah..
    Semoga enti mendapat manfaat dan rahmat Allah SWT.

    'Asbab' is kata jama' untuk sebab dan 'Nuzul' pula bermaksud telah turun where root word comes from 'Nazala'. so kalo gabung dua2 perkataan dari segi teknikal, definisi die is sebab-sebab turunnya ayat2 Al-Quran kpd Rasulullah SAW. Sbb ayat yang turun kpd Rasulullah SAW pntg utk kita pahami agar kita paham ape maksud ayat itu dr konteks sebb turunnya.

    Misalnye, 5 ayat pada Surah Al-Muddaththir di turunkan semasa Rasulullah berselimut selepas menerima wahyu pertama, dan ia merupakan perintah Allah untuk baginda SAW bangun dari berselimut secara ringkasnya.. n banyak lagi..

    Wa feekum barakallah ukhti..

  5. jazakallahukhayran buat penerangan.

    wah, tapi mmg lagi advanced ya this "next step". lebih payah dilakukan..


    ps: btw, anta mmg tau byk arabic? x ramai yang reti reply "wa feeka barakallahufik" tu tau.. unless they have the "fortress of the muslim" book that ana have.. =D

  6. yeap, tp rase2nye banyak je ade diselitkan2 kat dalam tafsir2 yang ade kalo x silap..

    hahaha.. xdela.. baru je nk jinak2 dgn bahasa arab and insya Allah akan belajar dengan betul2..
    enti pon pasti hebat arabnye dan mungkin ade cita2 untuk belajar yg advanced nye, go for it..




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